" ನಿಮ್ಮ Mane, NAMMA ಜವಾಬ್ದಾರಿ "

" ನಿಮ್ಮ Mane, NAMMA ಜವಾಬ್ದಾರಿ "

Discover Polycule: A love community where folks are thank you for visiting seek out extra lovers and you can get into the fresh matchmaking

Discover Polycule: A love community where folks are thank you for visiting seek out extra lovers and you can get into the fresh matchmaking

The new Dating Energy (NRE): This new excitement and you may giddiness that comes with a new matchmaking and you can the initial phases; It is potentially fanatical, addictive also it can getting most positive, but for some people tricky as it’s outcomes start to wane once becoming that have somebody to possess a time. Usually abbreviated NRE. ? Non-Hierarchical Matchmaking: Relationship which focus on equivalent flexibility and you can reputation of relationships as an alternative than simply prioritising that over the other. Involve plenty of

One to Manhood Policy (OPP): Solidly enforced statutes there can only end up being that manhood-that have personal (normally a good cis guy) into the a relationship network. Commonly believed transphobic as they are tend to phrased due to the fact “one-man,” doubting the newest genders off trans female and you will trans dudes; and generally sensed belittling of relationships between women whilst ways one to same sex relationship was “safer”to the cis man imposing that it signal towards companion(s).

Platonic Wife: A partner with whom you can never be personal otherwise sexual, but to help you which one has generated lifelong duties which could were things such as cohabiting, common cash and you may coparenting

Synchronous Polyamory: A style of polyamorous matchmaking in which each individual dating exists largely separate away from both lover’s more personal otherwise sexual relationships, along with which there’s not a deliberate manage entwining the relationship network as there might be inside the KTP. Here ours or telemours, but there is however zero importance of which there tends to be reduced or no contact ranging from some members of the higher relationship network.

Polycule: A network out of interrelated matchmaking; are often used to refer to the fresh new circle alone, or a map otherwise diagram showing a comparable. They is short for lovers, partners-parters, therefore the wide circle that most involve some organization hot malaysian american girl to every almost every other.

Number one Relationships/Partner: New prioritized relationship or lover during the a great hierarchical lay-up. People features several number one partners, otherwise get off the possibility for further first-peak dating to thrive; but many just who like so it relationship structure don’t.

Note: many people explore pansexual because of it meaning too

Matchmaking Anarchy / RA: A romance structure which may be viewed as a type of non-hierarchical polyamory and you can the same as solamente polyamory however in your person exercising RA will not believe in public constructs away from dating in the the typical method and liberty and self-commitment is widely recommended.

Additional Relationship/Partner: Extra couples or relationships beyond the no. 1 of them from inside the a beneficial hierarchical system. They frequently have to take on pre-current laws and regulations otherwise constraints timely laid out of the primary relationships users, instead of recourse adjust these.

Solo Polyamory: A form of polyamory where a single chooses to feel their own “primary spouse,” building contacts without any presumption off progressing up the “dating escalator” that have a minumum of one. Will has the belief away from way of life besides all of the lovers.

Telemour: The brand new lover out of a great metamour who’s not the common mate but could keeps her partners and you may metamours.

Triad: A love of around three some body, each one of which try romantically a part of one another. For finest otherwise even worse, probably one of the most publicised forms of polyamory in the popular news, documentaries, Tv series and fiction and you will generally affects what non-poly anyone thought Polyamory was.

Unicorn: An effective bisexual woman just who would rather possess relationship that have both pieces out-of an effective heterosexual partners into the conditions place mostly because of the you to couple’s preparations.

Unicorn Candidates: Lovers who search a good bisexual lady whom prefers to keeps dating having each other areas of a heterosexual few toward terminology set mainly by the one couple’s preparations to have a relationship. So it name is often put derisively, that kind of person is extremely difficult to get as of one’s have to trust all of the couple’s words, and because it build when managed is normally regularly negatively impression more youthful bisexual women a new comer to polyamory.

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