" ನಿಮ್ಮ Mane, NAMMA ಜವಾಬ್ದಾರಿ "

" ನಿಮ್ಮ Mane, NAMMA ಜವಾಬ್ದಾರಿ "

Conclusion – You Can Get Your Ex Back After Cheating if They See a Ray of Hope

Conclusion – You Can Get Your Ex Back After Cheating if They See a Ray of Hope

Think of breaking your partner’s trust as breaking a piece of expensive chinaware. The first time you break it, you can put it together through a meticulous process. The chinaware will not look the same as before, but you can still use it regularly and it may still last a life time.

But the second time you break the chinaware (or cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend twice), it’s going to much hard to put it back together. And even though it is possible to put it back together, it’s going to be extremely fragile and it will need a lot of care to make it last a long time.

And if you manage to break the chinaware a third time, it’s going to be nearly impossible to put it back together.

As you can imagine, the worse you cheated, the harder it will be to trust you again and the less likely are they to come back. Of course, it all still depends on the third and most important factor in getting them back.

3. What do they feel about cheating?

The level of betrayal your ex feels depends not only depends on how badly you cheated but also what is their stance on cheating.

In my experience, this is also the most important factor in getting an ex back after cheating. What your ex thinks about cheating in general? What is their belief about cheating? Do they feel that people who cheat are morally corrupt and never to be trusted? Or do they think that cheating is natural and it’s something that doesn’t have to be a death sentence for the relationship?

If your ex already explicitly told you that cheating was a deal breaker for them and they will never get back in a relationship with a cheater, then chances of you getting them back are close to null. People generally don’t change their core beliefs and it will be very hard to convince them.

However, if your ex doesn’t see cheating as that big of a deal and they understand that it’s a common thing to happen, then they may be open to getting back together.

You cheated on them, so you can throw trust factor out on the street. They don’t trust you. Period. What matters is whether or not they see a ray of hope in this relationship. What matters is whether or not they feel like they can trust you again.

And if you use the right ingredients to repair the trust and the issues that lead to the infidelity, your new relationship will be stronger than it ever was

Your infidelity broke their trust completely. But everyone likes to have a little bit of hope in his or her heart. And your ex isn’t any different. They still wish that all the time and energy they spent on you and your relationship is not wasted. They still wish that all this didn’t happen and you were still with them. They still hope that you could back together and they can trust you again.

Your actions broke their heart. Now that you want them back, it’s up to you to show them a ray of hope. It’s up to you to show that the pieces of the relationship can be put back together and it can be even more beautiful than before.

There is a Japanese art of repairing broken pottery my repairing the area of breakage with gold, silver or platinum. This art turkisk vackra kvinnor is called Kintsugi and it’s a perfect metaphor to use for repairing your broken relationship with your ex and turning it into something even more beautiful than it was before.

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